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Indigenous Education and Cultural Services

Indigenous Education and Cultural Services (IECS) provides specialized services to First Nation, Métis and Inuit students as well as all Ontario Tech students wanting to learn more about Indigenous worldviews, perspectives and/or culture.

We are here to connect you with:

  • Access to Visiting Elders.

  • Advocacy, advising and referrals.

  • Connections to the local Indigenous community.

  • Community outreach.

  • Counselling and traditional supports.

  • Cultural advising for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff
    and faculty.

  • Inclusive monthly programming that includes traditional ceremonies
    and cultural workshops.

  • Educational campaigns.

  • Outreach programming to elementary and secondary schools.

  • Training and development opportunities.

  • Support with self-identification.

  • Welcoming and inclusive study space.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team you can book an appointment by emailing


Learn how one can self-identify as a member of the Indigenous community.
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Indigenous Recognition Days

Learn about the Indigenous recognition days that happen throughout the year.
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IECS Events and Programming

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Awards, Bursaries, Funding and Scholarships

Discover what financial aid options are available for Indigenous students.
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